October 2015 – Track Season Begins

November 1, 2015

October has been and gone. What a whirlwind that was. Some say that time goes faster when you are on the run, however this month has flown by despite me sleeping in the same country for the last five weeks!

I haven’t left Adelaide, nor have I spent much time doing anything other than training or sleeping. I had a lovely two weeks off after the Road World Championships, spent gallivanting around New York with my good friend, Dan and a few days back in Australia to celebrate my Dad’s birthday and cousin’s graduation. But then it all began.

Rio. Three little letters with a gargantuan meaning. Every moment of every day is now focussed on Rio and what that city holds for us in 2016. The best of Australia’s female track endurance cyclists have been asked to re-locate to Adelaide so we can be in a controlled and monitored training environment from now until the games. It may seem like a long way out, but trust me, time can disappear in the blink of an eye and we want to make sure we have done absolutely everything to get the most out of us in Rio – and where better to do so than under the supervision of highly skilled coaches and staff?

I joined the ladies on the 5th of October and was welcomed by a five hour training day to get me started. The next two weeks were of similar capacity, varying from road, to track, to gym, to spin bike and my bed became my new best friend. Some of the girls say I’m lucky to live in Adelaide, with my friends and family just around the corner if I need some support, however the only support I had energy for were the springs in my mattress!

The following two weeks didn’t differ in workload, however my body’s ability to deal with this workload did. It’s amazing how fast our bodies can adapt to their environment – and thank goodness for that! I’m finally starting to feel good on the bike, feeling stronger and fitter. I even had the energy to don some normal clothes and venture out past 8pm on Friday night! – Wowsers!

We’re changing the program up a bit in November so you’ll have to tune in to see how we go!


Annette Edmondson (born 12 December, 1991 in Adelaide) is an Australian cyclist who races for the Australian Track Cycling Team.

Annette is a three-time World Champion, Olympic medallist and dual Commonwealth Games Champion.